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True Grit On Skillshare

This is where it all began for True Grit Texture Supply... a comprehensive, hands-on course in handmade textures and halftones on Skillshare.

Are you a first time texturer looking dip your toes in the water, or do you want to expand on your existing skills and get some insight into someone elses workflow? In just over an hour, you'll get schooled on creating your own custom textures and halftones using a variety of analogue and digital processing techniques.

You'll create a poster and learn the dark art of distressing, before adding a selection of your custom textures and halftones to create that sweet gritty magic that will give your work a hand crafted vibe unique to you.

Gain some insight into the blood, sweat and tears that goes into our products, learn a number of techniques for applying texture to your work and maybe even walk away having made a few of your own. 

For a limited time, sign up for Skillshare Premium here and get your first 3 months FREE. Our gift to you. 


An Online Skillshare Class by Andrew Fairclough