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New! Beat Tones Shader Brushes

As things go we're just about always working on new products or tweaking an ongoing list of hacks and shortcuts for crafting authentic texture effects.

So after a late-night happy accident lead to a further year of experiments, we're finally adding 24 incredible new halftone shader brushes (plus a second video tutorial) to our Beat Tones Distressed Halftone Brush Set.

Free Update
for existing Beat Tones Owners.

If you purchased Beat Tones from our site prior to the 12th of September 2017, The Beat Tones Shader Brushes are coming straight to your email as a free update. Check here for full update instructions.


Over 220 Time-Slaying Halftone Brushes!

As if the 200 precision halftone brushes included in the original set wasn't enough, you can now create real gradated halftone shading in seconds with tablet optimised brushes that respond to increased pressure and repeated brushing.

Whether adding depth and dimension to your work or painting-in continuous tones, The Beat Tones Brush Set contains a huge variety of halftone dot and line patterns made from authentic source materials in multiple screen angles.




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