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Lithotone for Procreate

84 Distressed Pattern Brushes
for Procreate
Tax included.

Also available for Photoshop, Illustrator & Affinity.

Take a digital trip back to the '70s when Letraset dry-transfer pattern stencils were the tool of choice for zine makers and lo-fi artists everywhere. 

Featuring over 84 Distressed Pattern Brushes for Procreate, our Lithotone Brush set will have you painting a diverse range of patterns faster than you say "I am the shroom, the shroom is me"!

From classics such as noise, donut sprinkles, sneaker crackle, and geometrics to organic gems like brushstrokes, splatter, and fabrics, the Lithotone Distressed Pattern Brush Set features a diverse selection of original pro-quality patterns that repeat endlessly for seamless application onto any artwork.

Here's what you get:

  • 62 x Lightly Distressed Pattern Brushes.
  • 24 x Shader Brushes that darken in response to increased pencil pressure.
  • Easy to follow instructions for installation via desktop or direct download to iPad.
  • Free updates.

Key Features:

  • Huge variety of original textures (over 60) including noise, TV Static, donut sprinkles, geometrics, op-art, linework, stars, brushstrokes, woodgrain, brick, crackle, pointillism, plaid, houndstooth and more.
  • Precision brush-tips allow you to fill tight spots accurately or flood large areas with speed.
  • Pressure-sensitive shader brushes for creating pattern-based shading effects.
  • Large, high-resolution repeat patterns with no obvious seams
  • Easy-to-follow brush names allowing for fast selection of the right pattern for the job at a glance.


Procreate skill level:

Perfect for recent Procreate converts finding their groove right through to professional artists making magic with Procreate's powerful features.




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        Lithotone for Procreate

        84 Distressed Pattern Brushes
        for Procreate
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        Procreate Procreate
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        Brush Set Brush Set
        Seamless Seamless

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        System Requirements
        Suitable for novice to expert Procreate users.

        SOFTWARE: Procreate Version 5.0 or higher.
        iPadOS: Version 13.2 or higher.
        ACCESSORIES: Apple Pencil or Compatible Stylus.
        STORAGE: 181mb of available iPad storage space.