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Stipple Studio for Affinity

75 Stipple Brushes
for Affinity
Tax included.

Also available for Photoshop & Procreate.

Built with the demands of pro-illustrators and tattoo artists in mind, Stipple Studio combines the humanist warmth of analog stippling with the efficiency of your digital workflow to create stippling that looks and feels legit, without sacrificing craft or quality. 


Key features you'll dig:

Precision Stipple Brushes.

  • Fast and easy to use with 48 brushes grouped into four pen-tip styles for perfectly imperfect dots every time.
  • Each precision brush group contains multiple presets with matching tips and liners, ready to tackle any stippling task, from subtle edge shading to large blended gradients and fades.
  • Perfect for artists seeking analog quality stipple in a fraction of the time.
  • Shade tight spaces with no need for masking. 
  • Lay down dozens of dots in a single stroke or tap-em-out manually for old time's sake. 
  • Finely tuned bleed settings mean no two dots are alike for organic results on auto-pilot.
  • No repetition, ghosting or cloning. 

Stipple Spray & Fill Brushes.

  • Combine with masks to fill large areas with natural stipple textures in seconds.
  • Perfect for roughing-in or building up large blended gradients in a fraction of the time taken using traditional methods.
  • Hand made from popular commercial felt tips and markers.
  • Choose from multiple pen tips ranging from 0.2 mm pin liners to ultra-fat felt tips in various dot densities.
  • Designer users – brushes are raster format (not vector) and designed for use in Pixel Persona.



Here's what you get:

  • 12 x round tip precision stipple brushes
  • 12 x rough tip precision stipple brushes
  • 12 x bleedy tip precision stipple brushes
  • 12 x blotty tip precision stipple brushes
  • 4 x liner pens
  • 4 x eraser presets
  • 17 x spray brushes in multiple brush tip styles and dot densities
  • 12 x tonal stipple fill brushes in light, medium and dense spacing
  • 1 x sketchbook paper texture template (works with Photo only)
  • 1 x comprehensive tutorial with video demonstrations

Ability level:


Comprehensive tutorial with detailed video demonstrations included.


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      Example illustrations by Illustrator and Tattoo Artist Jake Foreman

      Instagram  |  Commercial Work





      Stipple Studio for Affinity

      75 Stipple Brushes
      for Affinity
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      System Requirements

      Suitable for novice to expert Affinity users.

      SOFTWARE: Affinity Photo or Designer (Pixel Persona).
      HARDWARE: Mac, Windows PC or iPad.
      ACCESSORIES: Graphics tablet required.
      MEMORY: 8gb RAM or higher. (16+ recommended).
      STORAGE: 140mb of available storage space.