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Procreate Brush Bundle

60% Off 220 Texture Brushes
for Procreate

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Featuring five of our most popular texture brush packs fine tuned for Procreate 5's powerful brush engine, the Procreate Texture Brush bundle includes over 220 hand-crafted, pro-quality brushes covering a diverse range of texture effects from halftones and grunge to letterpress and paper grain.  

Suited to a wide range of design and illustration styles each brush set was built with professional use in mind featuring high-resolution textures created from authentic source materials ready for anything you can throw at them.

Here's what you get:

  • Beat Tones: 49 Distressed Halftone & Shader Brushes (Reg $19)
  • Distress Press: 27 Distressed Texture Brushes (Reg $25)
  • Lithotone: 86 Distressed Pattern & Shader Brushes (Reg $19)
  • Dead Subtle: 27 Subtle Texture Brushes (Reg $19)
  • Fast Grit: 45 Quick & Dirty Texture Brushes (Reg $15)

Note: Dead Subtle and Fast Grit were added to The Procreate Bundle on 24 Jan 2020 along with a $24 price increase. Purchases made before this date do not include these two packs. To add these new packs to an existing bundle at a discounted rate, get in touch.

Key features:

  • Over 220 pro-quality Procreate brushes covering just about any texture effect you'll need from halftones and grunge, to letterpress and paper grain.
  • All brushes are made with a focus on authentic source materials, intuitive and productivity.
  • Advanced features such as brush reset points and absolute pattern alignment formatted specifically for Procreate 5.
  • Helpful sub-group dividers to assist in selecting the right brush for the job every time.
  • Easy to follow instructions for installation via desktop or direct download to iPad.
  • Free updates.


Procreate skill level:

Perfect for recent Procreate converts finding their groove right through to professional artists making magic with Procreate's powerful features.

Procreate Brush Bundle

60% Off 220 Texture Brushes
for Procreate
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License info

Procreate Procreate
Version Version
Brush Set Brush Set
Seamless Seamless
Texture Texture

Also available for Photoshop.

System Requirements
Suitable for novice to expert Procreate users.

SOFTWARE: Procreate Version 5.0 or higher for iPad.
iPadOS: Version 13.2 or higher.
ACCESSORIES: Apple Pencil or Compatible Stylus.
STORAGE: 950mb of available iPad storage space.