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Distress Press for Photoshop

Distressing Effects Kit
for Photoshop
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Also available for Procreate & Affinity.

Whether you're beating your subject into submission or carefully teasing-out a triumphant result, our Distress Press Distressing Effects kit is so effective you'll probably cry.

Distress Press's savagely powerful roughening action and precisely focussed texture brushes allow you to quickly create bespoke distressing and texture treatments for your artwork with complete control of the entire process.  

Most other distressing and letterpress kits work by combining just one repetitive filter action with blanket texture overlays that lack nuance and flexibility. The results often feel generic, robotic and stiff.

Distress Press puts the care and craft back into distressing by combining multiple distressing effects and advanced masking techniques with pro-quality precision texture brushes to create authentic results that save you time, strain and pain.

Distress Press For The Win!

Here's what you get:

  • 1 x fully customisable distressing action set with and without interactive instructions plus 6 fully automated actions for instant results.
  • Over 110 precision texture brushes including:
  • 56 x high contrast speckle, grit, grunge and grain brushes.
  • 40 x natural feel paper and subtle grain brushes soft edges and textures that build up with each stroke.
  • 16 x natural feel woodtype letterpress effect brushes.
  • Comprehensive tutorial videos covering use of the action set and brushes to create custom distressing effects.
  • 1 x brush preview cheat sheet.
  • Free updates.


Key features:

  • Huge variety of effects including high contrast grit, grunge, noise, paper grain, rubber stamp, letterpress and natural woodtype.
  • All brushes carefully crafted using real textures and optimised for use with drawing tablets.
  • Combines multiple roughening filters with advanced masking and contrast control to create authentic distressing effects without glitching or soft edges. 
  • Non-destructive leaving your original clean artwork intact.
  • One-click editing of distressed artwork color.
  • Choose from completely customisable distressing effects or get instant results with expertly crafted presets.


Tutorial videos included



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Distress Press for Photoshop

Distressing Effects Kit
for Photoshop
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System Requirements
Suitable for intermediate to expert Photoshop users.

SOFTWARE: Adobe Photoshop CS6 or higher.
HARDWARE: 2.4ghz processor or higher.
MEMORY: 8gb RAM or higher. (16+ recommended).
STORAGE: 74mb of available storage space.
LANGUAGE: Included actions run in English only.