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Our User License Agreement is flexible, easy to understand and free of legal doublespeak. When purchasing a True Grit Texture Supply product you agree to the following terms and conditions of use.

Number of users:

One (1) user = one (1) person.
Two (2) users = two (2) people etc.

You should purchase one user license for each person who uses the purchased product.

Each user can install their product on up to two devices (e.g. a desktop at the studio as well as a personal laptop or iPad for home or travel).

FOR EXAMPLE: Dan at ACME Studio has a rad new client and purchased a single user license for a brush set (thanks Dan!). Dan can install and use the brushes on his main studio desktop as well as his laptop for use at home or while traveling. It’s not cool for Dan to make copies to share with Matt and Jess in the studio though. They'll need to purchase a couple of extra licenses in order to install and use the brushes themselves, even if they’re all working on the same client, brand or project.

Contact us about discounted studio pricing for 5 or more licenses.

True Grit Texture Supply products CAN:

  • Be used for personal or commercial use.
  • Be used for yourself or on behalf of a client.
  • Be used to create end products offered for free or for sale up to 5000 units.
  • Be used in multiple projects.

True Grit Texture Supply products CANNOT:

  • Be sub-licensed, resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed (even for free).
  • Constitute the entirety of a design and must be combined with original content such as typography, design, layout and other graphic design elements.
  • Be distributed digitally via storage device, cloud service, download, torrent or any other file-sharing website either for free or payment.
  • Be used in a product offered for sale where the True Grit product being used contributes to the core value of the final end product being sold (e.g using our texture brushes to create a texture pack for sale).
  • Be used to create end products for sale over 50,000 units. For extended use licensing please get in touch below.
  • Be used by organizations or subsidiaries thereof with annual revenue of more than $250 million USD per annum. For extended use and corporate licensing please get in touch below.


YOU CAN: Use a purchased texture, brush or action to create a logo for a client.
YOU CANNOT: Supply the source texture, brush or action to your client with the finished logo.

YOU CAN: Use a purchased texture, vector or brush to create an artwork, design or product for sale.
YOU CANNOT: Include a purchased product or a portion thereof in a downloadable texture, brush, or template pack (offered for free or sale) of any kind, even when the original product has been edited, flipped, mirrored or rotated to disguise it's original form.


For questions, extended usage or studio and corporate pricing please do 
get in touch.

True Grit Texture Supply is a Registered Trademark of:
Kindred Studio Illustration And Design LLC.