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Debaser for Procreate

Lo-fi Comic Coloring Kit
for Procreate
Tax included.

Also available for Photoshop.

Developed in collaboration with designer, illustrator, and low-brow comic fetishist Ryan Besch, Debaser authentically re-creates the low-fi print aesthetic of vintage comic book printing from wherever your iPad can take you.

Based on authentic pre-digital color formulas and line screen angles used during the Golden, Silver, Bronze and Dark Ages of comic book publishing, we've built a huge package of ready-to-use swatches, distressed inking brushes and paper texture templates complete with a streamlined process tutorial for applying them to your work. 

Join us on a journey back to when brush and ink ruled the studio, the iPad was but a sweaty sci-fi fantasy and everyone smoked like it was a cure for cancer.


Here's what you get:

  • 125 color halftone textures (in jpg format) based on pre-digital color formulas and print-production specifications. 
  • 13 x archival paper and stain texture templates in classic comic book format (6 5/8" x 10 1/8") @2X resolution (3969px x 6073px).
  • 8 x distressed inking brushes.
  • 3 x reference color charts for the Golden, Silver/Bronze, and Dark ages of comic book publishing.
  • 1 x quick-start installation guide to get you up and running A$AP.
  • 1 x comprehensive written tutorial detailing every step of the process along with tricks and tips for authentically re-creating the low-fi aesthetic of vintage comic book printing.
  • 1 x paper texture cheat sheet.


Key Features:

  • Pro-built in collaboration with Designer & Low-Brow Illustrator Ryan Besch.
  • Faithfully reproduces the aesthetic of pre-digital comic book printing based on real color formulas and line screen angles used between the late-1930's to early-1990's.
  • Halftone textures lightly distressed for authentic results.
  • Paper texture templates and custom brushes automatically distress your keyline art as you draw.
  • Easy-to-use with detailed process tutorials included.
  • Built with archival textures and paper samples from vintage comics, graphic novels, pulp fiction books and ephemera.


    Download + Setup:

    • 6gb download size - stable internet connection required.
    • AirDrop enabled Mac desktop or laptop recommended for easiest initial setup.
    • Can be downloaded directly to iPad.

    Procreate skill level:

    Best suited to regular Procreate users with a good working knowledge of the app's core features and capabilities.





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      About Ryan Besch.

      Ryan Besch is a multi-talented designer, low-brow illustrator, and DIY merch maker from Buffalo, NY. Inspired by the taboo underbelly of the cultural landscape, Ryan's work features a cast of unseemly characters, from smoking hotdog-banana's and bird-flipping condoms to sweaty gimp mask dungeon-masters and cigarette smoking foods.

      Mostly working in pen, brush, and ink, Ryan's illustration work reflects his love of vintage comics and low-brow humor whilst his graphic design and poster work is a masterclass in textural witchcraft and screen-printed aesthetics.

      With an impressive list of clients including Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Kills, Phish, The Black Keys, and Nitro Snowboards, Ryan still finds time to work on his self-published range of t-shirts, posters, stickers, and pins under his brand Weird Sin Industries.










        Debaser for Procreate

        Lo-fi Comic Coloring Kit
        for Procreate
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        Important System Requirements
        Mac computer recommended for easiest initial setup.

        HARDWARE: iPad Pro or iPad 2017 or higher.
        ACCESSORIES: Apple Pencil or compatible Stylus.
        SOFTWARE: Procreate Version 5.0 or higher for iPad.
        DOWNLOAD SIZE: 5.6gb in 6 parts.
        iPadOS: Version 13.2 or higher.