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Halftone Zine Machine

Image Processing Kit
for Photoshop
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Whether you're looking to process halftone images with lightning speed or re-create that 90's copy-shop vibe from the comfort of your studio our Halftone Zine Machine image processing kit is just like having your own private Kinko's. 

Just copy, paste and live-edit your image with 14 unique halftone patterns. Our Smart PSD functionality lets you switch patterns instantly with complete control of pattern scale, image and background color in a non-destructive workflow that keeps your original image alive and well. 


Here's what you get:

  • 1 x Smart PSD template (4000 x 4000px).
  • 14 x unique halftone dot, line, noise, diffusion and stipple patterns.
  • 5 x helper actions for fast processing and exporting multiple formats.
  • 1 x copy paper texture for that little somethin' extra.
  • 1 x quick start installation guide.
  • 1 x detailed user guide with easy-to-follow instructions and advanced tips and tricks.

Key features:

  • Super fast and easy-to-use. Just paste your image into the PSD and choose a pattern layer.
  • Includes a huge variety of halftone patterns you won't find anywhere else; from subtly grainy halftone dots to savagely distressed noise.
  • Instantly re-create the aesthetic of pre-digital copiers, Risograph printers and vintage one-color press. 
  • Completely non-destructive. Keeps your original image alive and well for fast editing and experimentation.
  • Live-editing! Control your halftone pattern scale on the fly with no need to "convert to bitmap" just to see the results.
  • Take complete control over ink/toner and paper color, or kick it old-school in black and white. 
  • Perfect for fast processing of black & white halftone images with 1-click export of ultra high res 1 bit images for use in illustrator & InDesign.
  • Helper actions assist to fast exporting and compositing in separate files.


Photoshop skill level:

Perfect for regular Photoshop users with a good working knowledge of the app's core features and user-interface. Not compatible with Photoshop for iPad.




Get up to speed fast with comprehensive user guides and tutorials included.




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Halftone Zine Machine

Image Processing Kit
for Photoshop
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License info

Photoshop Photoshop
Version Version
PSD File PSD File
Action Set Action Set
Patterns Patterns
Perfectly Compliments Nasty Copy. Buy together and save.
System Requirements

Suitable for experienced to expert Photoshop users.

SOFTWARE: Photoshop CS6 or higher (desktop only).
HARDWARE: 2.4ghz processor or higher.
MEMORY: 8gb RAM or higher. (16+ recommended).
STORAGE: 1.2gb of available storage space.
LANGUAGE: Included actions run in English only.