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Infinite Pulp 01

Seamless Paper Textures
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Add depth and analog warmth to your digital work with Infinite Pulp, a must-have library of 20 seamless paper texture templates for your favorite graphics apps.

Break free from fixed-size templates with pro-quality paper textures that extend and reformat your canvas in seconds. Designed with authenticity and versatility in mind, these aren't your standard one-dimensional overlays. Featuring multi-layer construction to ensure your finished work never looks flat, Infinite Pulp is the ultimate in flexibility and customization.

Resizable to portrait, landscape, and every possible format in between, you'll never run out of canvas again. 


Photoshop shown. Auto-Extend canvas available in Photoshop and Affinity. Some manual repeating is required in Illustrator and Procreate. (Don't worry, it's easy! Check it out here). 

    Key Features

    • Available for Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate & Affinity (Photo+Designer).
    • Designed for realism by adding texture and highlights lighting for warm, organic results.
    • Seamless, Auto-Extend textures automatically fill your canvas infinitely as you crop in Photoshop and Affinity.
    • Easy to manually crop and extend in Illustrator and Procreate (see how here).
    • Non-destructive, leaving your original artwork intact.
    • Fully customizable with detailed video instructions provided.
    • Flexible workflow: Start new work in a fresh template, drop-into your existing work-in-progress or add to any completed artwork.  
    • Souce tile size = 2800px x 2800px, infinitely extendable and repeatable. 
    • High quality, full color RGB scans @300ppi


    What's included?

    • 20 x seamless paper texture templates, formatted for your chosen app(s).
    • Comprehensive tutorial videos covering everything from cropping and resizing to advanced tricks and tips for customizing your canvas.
    • Free updates.


    Comprehensive tutorial videos included with a full rundown on all main features plus advanced tricks and tips for customizing your templates.



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    Example illustrations by Kindred Studio.
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    Infinite Pulp 01

    Seamless Paper Textures
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    License info

    Photoshop Photoshop
    Illustrator Illustrator
    Procreate Procreate
    Affinity Affinity
    Seamless Seamless

    Also Available - Infinite Pulp 02

    System Requirements

    Adobe Photoshop: CS6 or higher
    Adobe Illustrator: CS6 or higher
    Procreate: Version 5.0 or higher
    Affinity: 1.8.3+ (Photo + Designer)
    Download Size: 1.2 to 1.8gb .zip file