Malice Stencil contains a number of OpenType features that extend its creative capabilities. These features can be accessed via the OpenType or Typography panels in most professional destkop publishing applications.

We've compiled a handy guide to the each OpenType feature below. The method for accessing these features varies between apps. Consult your software user guide for more information or click the help icon below each description for tips on activating OpenType features in Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and Affinity. 

Procreate users note:

OpenType features are not compatible with Procreate.

Discretionary Ligatures

  • Th ligature
  • Two hyphens are replaced with an em dash
  • Three hyphens are replaced with a long horizontal bar



 How to activate this feature


Standard Ligatures

Both styles include ff and TT ligatures.



 How to activate this feature



  • With ordinals activated, No. is replaced with the Numero symbol
  • a and o ordinals will also be replaced wherever language is set to Spanish.



 How to activate this feature




Oldstyle Figures

Oldstyle Figures (sometimes known as Text Figures) are numerals designed with ascenders and decenders in order to resemble standard 'text' letterforms.



 How to activate this feature

Stylistic Set 01 – Emojis

This feature works much like a Slack emoji command. With the Emoji's stylistic set activated, simply type one of the commands shown below to insert a corresponding emoji into a line of text. All commands must be inclosed by a colon ( : ).

All emoji commands work in lowercase, uppercase and title case. Some emojis can be activated by multiple commands (e.g :dove:, :bird:, :vulture:).

 How to activate this feature

Stylistic Set 02 – Alternate Q



 How to use this feature


Stylistic Set 03 – Alternate J



 How to activate this feature


Case-Sensitive Forms

This feature adjusts the positioning of punctuation to be aligned with capital forms. 

Case-Sensitive-Forms can be activated by using switching on 'All Caps' and works with braces, brackets, bars, slashes, colon, semicolon, hyphen, en dash, em dash and the @ symbol.


 How to activate this feature


Contextual Alternate Question Mark

This (very subtle) feature replaces f? with a narrower question mark to aid legibility without resorting to tight kerning. 


 How to activate this feature


Slashed Zero

The Slashed Zero glyph is helpful in distinguishing the digit "zero" from the uppercase "O" anywhere the distinction might be important such as wayfinding signage or pricing applications.



 How to access this feature.