Whether you're beating your subject into submission or carefully teasing-out a triumphant result, our Distress Press Distressing Effects kit is so effective you'll probably cry.

Distress Press's savagely powerful roughening action and precisely focussed texture brushes allow you to quickly and easily create bespoke distressing and texture treatments for your artwork whilst taking complete control of the entire process.  

Most other distressing and letterpress kits work by combining just one repetitive filter action with blanket texture overlays that lack nuance and flexibility. The results often feel generic, robotic and stiff.

Distress Press puts the care and craft back into distressing by combining multiple distressing effects and advanced masking techniques with pro-quality precision texture brushes to create authentic results that save you time, strain and pain.

¡Excelencia para la victoria!

Distress Press brushes also available for Procreate.

Take complete control of the distressing process or make quick use of our time saving presets. Just press play, brush in your textures and you're done. ¡Impresionante!


Distress Press Distressing Action for Photoshop


  • Combines multiple roughening filters with advanced masking and contrast control to create authentic distressing effects without glitching or soft edges. 
  • Non destructive. Orignal clean art remains intact.
  • Edit colour quickly and easily.  
  • Carefully craft your results with expert control, or beat up your work lightning-fast with our expertly created presets.


  • 1 x Distress Press action with interactive instructions allowing for complete control of the distressing process.
  • 1 x Distress Press action without instructions for experienced users who want complete control without the hints and tips.
  • 6 x Distress Press preset actions for authentic results in seconds with a variety of levels of distressing and detail.
  • 1 x easy to follow instruction booklet detailing every step of the process.
  • 1 x comprehensive video tutorial by Andrew Fairclough of Kindred Studio, covering installation, basic use and advanced brush techniques.
  • 1 x Easy to follow installation guide to get you up and running A$AP.

Distress Press Brush Set for Photoshop


  • Over 110 high carefully crafted, pressure sensitive brushes.
  • Capable of producing a huge variety of effects including high contrast grit, grunge, noise, paper grain, rubber stamp, letterpress and natural woodtype.
  • Brushes paint-on just like a digital ink or acrylic with total control over stroke weight and colour.
  • Carefully crafted using real textures and optimised for use with drawing tablets.
  • Wash large areas with grit and grunge, carefully place spatter and speckle or blend subtle paper and woodtype textures with ease.


  • 56 x high contrast speckle, grit, grunge and grain brushes.
  • 40 x natural feel paper and subtle grain brushes soft edges and textures that build up with each stroke.
  • 16 x natural feel woodtype letterpress effect brushes.
  • 1 x comprehensive video tutorial by Andrew Fairclough of Kindred Studio, covering installation, basic use and advanced brush techniques.
  • 1 x handy brush cheat sheet booklet detailing each and every brush. 
  • 1 x easy to follow installation guide to get you up and running A$AP.
  • FREE updates when new brushes are added to the set. 



Photoshop CS5 and up.

Note that due to bugs in Adobe's new Select and Mask Space feature, the Distress Press Action requires CC 2015.5.0 users to automatically update to CC 2015.5.1 (This is a free update for Creative Cloud Subscribers).



All buying options include a detailed video tutorial, quick-start installation guides and printable support materials.