Texture, roughen, distress and destroy with our Hardwear Vector Distressing Kit for Adobe Illustrator. 

Inspired by the time-worn packaging, badges and print ephemera of vintage power-tools, Hardwear takes the hassle out of creating print-quality distressing effects natively in Illustrator.

Featuring a huge selection of authentic textures, the kit is easy to use with a tonne of customizable settings for perfectly textured type, logos, badges and lettering from subtle grain to brutal grunge and everything in between.



The Hardwear Vector Distressing Kit Includes:

  • 48 high quality texture graphic style presets.
  • 1 x action set containing 5 different actions for handling complex tasks and repetitive processes.
  • 9 x grit and speckle vector brushes for adding finishing touches to your artwork.
  • 1 x detailed written tutorial including complete instructions for processing your artwork along with advanced customization tips and tricks.
  • 1 x troubleshooting cheat sheet for when things get weird.

Key features:

  • Perfect for logos, badges, hand lettering, typography and simple illustrations.
  • Pro-built from a diverse selection of authentic source-materials such as vintage paper samples, toner, ink, card stock, woodgrain and halftoned print materials. 
  • Simple process with detailed instructions, tips and tricks included.
  • Highly customizable with control over texture frequency, randomization, edge distressing, texture scale, texture brightness, texture inset, round corners and edge speckle.
  • Dig it or it's free guarantee.


    • ILLUSTRATOR - CS6 and up. 8gb RAM or Higher. 16gb+ recommended
    • Not recommended for distressing large files containing highly detailed illustrations. Refer to the example images above for a general guide on the kits capabilities.



    Image Credit:

    Featured type design, badges and logo's crafted in collaboration with the one and only Curtis Jinkins, Wimberley, TX.

    Neighborhood Studio