Artists Of The Month - July 2023

A German, Chilean and French illustrator walk into a bar and create our favorite work for the month of July.  Scroll-on for inspo galore from Jonathan Hoffball, María Jesús Contreras & Simon Bailly.




Jonathan Hoffball

Jonathan is a professional image maker from Hamburg, Germany, exploring the beauty of clear lines and smooth animation. His work is informed by moving images, graphic design and comics. Raised by lego bricks and vinyl dinosaurs, Jonathan could not hold a pencil right as a kid and claims he still can't (hey, whatever gets the job done). Currently studying for a Masters Degree, Jonathan continues to expand his graphic vocabulary and journey of visual discovery through drawing.

Featured True Grit Tools: Beat Tones | Debaser | Stipple Studio | Infinite Pulp 

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María Jesús Contreras

Born and raised in Chile, María's illustrations are a masterclass in contemporary illustration, filled with a playful cast of antrhopomorphic animals, saturated color palettes, subtle nostalgia and wry humor to create visuals that are one part logic, two parts fever-dream.

Currently working for clients such as the New York times, The Atlantic, Texas Monthly, Penguin Random House, The Telegraph, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post among others, María's work has been featured by It's nice that, WeTransfer and Colossal. in 2022 María was a winner of One Club's Young Guns and a judge of Latin American Design Awards 2023.

Featured True Grit Tools: Beat Tones | Stipple Studio

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Simon Bailly

Simon Bailly's distinctly French style combines crisp, clean-cut linework with subtle textural embellishments to distill often complex concepts and narratives into simple and beautiful images. Starting his career illustrating for French newspapers Libération and Le 1, Bailly's current clients include the New York Times, Outside Magazine, Los Angeles Times, The New Yorker, Kiblind, BETC and Hermés. 

Featured True Grit Tools: Beat Tones  | Infinite Pulp | Lithotone

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