Deus Quarantee Wrap

We’re long-time fans of the art-driven moto/surf/cycle/records juggernaut that is Deus Ex Machina. The creative team at Deus have been keeping apparel-savvy artists busy during stay-at-home orders with their Quarantee art contest which wrapped up this week.

 25 May 2020

Featured artist: @cmpt_rules



A huge round of applause to the entrants and finalists. The Quarantee collection will be released later in the year with profits from the collection to be donated to frontline charities around the globe.

With over 3347 designers and artists getting involved the caliber of submissions was super high and it was great to see so many True Grit Texture Supply users, followers and friends who submitted entries, including a number of the finalists shown below.























Stay in-the-loop with Quarantee Collection drop dates here.

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