Create a halftone collage with Zine machine

Our Halftone Zine Machine image processing kit is perfect for converting photography, lineart and illustrations to two color halftone images in moments. In the tutorial below we'll give you a full rundown on Halftone Zine Machine including basic processing, choosing different halftone patterns, changing colors and compositing collages.

Photoshop featured; watch this tutorial for other apps below.
Procreate  |  Clip Studio  |  Affinity




Before commencing the tutorial be sure you have pre-installed your Helper Actions following the instructions included with your download files. 

In Part 01 we'll get you up to speed with everything you'll need to start processing your images including:

  1. Importing images
  2. Adjusting levels and contrast
  3. Choosing and scaling halftone patterns
  4. Editing colors and paper textures
  5. Exporting flattened images





With the basics sorted, it's time to start getting more creative with your halftone effects. Scroll on for Part 2 where we'll school you on:

  1. Outputting multiple images with different colors or patterns before compositing them into collage-style images.

  2. Applying blur effects to solid type and illustrations to create unique halftone embellishments.

  3. Exporting your processed images for use in Adobe illustrator, where they can be recolored and used transparently with no background.


Get the complete Halftone Zine Machine texture pack here.