Telegramme X Distress Press

It's here and it's happening. That time of year when deadlines seem shorter, hours longer and that creeping feeling the year is almost over reveals it's sneaky little clock-like face... tick-tock, tick-tock! It's also the time of year some of the best studios in the world ironically remind us we should probably get our shit together next year by dropping their impeccably designed monthly planners. Screw you 2016, it's calendar season.

With that in mind two of our favourite customers, Bobby and Kate of Telegramme Paper Co just dropped us some stunning preview images of their hugely popular annual illustrated calendar. 

Featuring 12 Brand new original illustrations inspired by UK seasonal eats, the 2017 edition is printed on heavyweight 200gsm A4 Gesso sheets complete with important holidays and space for reminder notes to keep your analogue life in check.




Meticulously crafted in signature Telegramme style, each illustration was distressed and textured in part using our Distress Press action and brush kit. Bobby tells us this was his first time using actions or brushes to texture his work with the move proving to be "a huge shift in a very, very good direction". We couldn't agree more. 

Like everything that bursts to life from Telegramme Studio, the results are playful, warm and considered with the perfect balance of minimalism and abstracted detail.



Available with or without a darkwood veneer clipboard you can pre-order the 2017 Telegramme Seasonal Eating Calendar here.




About Telegramme Paper Co.

With a joint love of fine paper goods and the lost joy of sending and receiving post, Bobby & Kate run the award winning Telegramme Paper Co. from their studio by the sea in Margate, United Kingdom.

Sharing a passion for all things mid century and vintage they apply their unique illustration style to prints, greetings cards, stationery and homewares. As well as taking commissions from clients as varied as Penguin, Habitat, Random House, Vodafone, Warner music and Condé Nast.

They sell their products from their online store and through national and international wholesale stockists.


For more of Telegramme's work and damn fine paper goods, set your face to whoah and visit 

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