Welles - Rock N Roll by Basa Studio

There's almost nothing we love more than seeing our products being used in unexpected ways so when animator Diego Huacuja got in touch with a new animated clip for LA based band Welles, our lizard brains jumped to attention.

Designed primarily to process photographic images with a range of distressed halftone patterns, Diego instead used Halftone Zine Machine kit to generate a suite of animated halftone textures, adding a little extra snap, crackle and pop to the low-brow Saturday morning cartoon vibe of the finished clip.

The full length video is a 5 minute fever-dream of knuckle dragging eyeballs, face melting benders and a cast of "exploding head" bores who refuse to embrace the slacker-life. 

Check the full video below.




Artist: @wellesmusic
Directed and Animated by: Diego Huacuja / Basa Studio @deachete @basaestudio
Produced by: @wearelittleugly


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