Malice Stencil

Calligraphic Stencil Font

Malice Stencil is a calligraphic stencil font in two styles designed by Phoenix based type designer Scott Biersack, in collaboration with True Grit Texture Supply.

Crafted in the tradition of classic blackletter display faces, Malice Stencil embodies the humanist refinement of hand-written calligraphy with the dark spirit of a guitar amp cranked to eleven. 

Making art and breaking hearts!
Font Size 110px
Line Height 110%
Letter Spacing 0px

Key Features:

  • Uppercase & lowercase characters.
  • Numerals, currency symbols, standard punctuation.
  • Standard & contextual ligatures.
  • Alternates, ordinals and stylistic sets.
  • Emoji replacement commands.
  • 200+ languages supported - view



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The Making Of Malice Stencil

Example images and specimen feature Malice Stencil paired with Lydian.

About The Designer

Scott Biersack is a Phoenix-based designer specializing in custom lettering, logotypes and type design. Working under the studio moniker of youbringfire, Scott's diverse body of work ranges from playful explorations in hand lettering to meticulously crafted typeface design.

When not indulging his obsession with smoothies and biking (in that order), you'll find Scott crafting custom type and lettering for the likes of Target, Facebook, Away and Riot Games.

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Malice Stencil

Calligraphic Stencil Font
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Features + Specifications

Font Format: Open Type (.otf) + Web Font (woff)
Character Set: Lowercase, Uppercase, Numerals, Currency
Multi-Lingual: 200+ languages covered. View all
Opentype: Contextual Alternates, Ligatures, Emojis + more
Download Size: 3mb .zip file

OpenType features are not compatible with Procreate.